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To get started, simply go over to the 'Register' button to the right of this text. Fill out the form with  the required information, and then you may get started with posting and reading forums, and downloading modded gamesaves, programs, emulators, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Get started! 

To get into FREE CoD4 modded lobbies, and soon, W@W/MW3, simply send a message to Gyriegh! No Friend Requests, or you'll get BLOCKED! Also, if you spam me with Party Invites or Messages, you will also get BLOCKED! Please note that I do not have a microphone at the current moment, just a Zephyr JTAG, running XeXMenu 1.2. Sometimes, I can code patches and modded SVG's/GPD's. If you also feel as if you need help with coding or other things, please feel free to contact me on Skype. Please note, if you do not get an answer on Skype right away, please remember this is a PUBLIC WEBSITE! My contact details are below. I also have a TTG Account, a Se7enSins account, and an Xbox LIVE account.

Xbox LIVE: Gyriegh 

TTG: iScreamz

s7: Verikx

Skype: dev_verikx

I hope you can appreciate and make use of this website. Also, we can sometimes even PLAY games together such as Zombies, or perhaps even Guitar Hero. 

New Playstation 4 Release Date by -

We are all very excited about the next-gen consoles coming out in October, and while there is no known release date for the Xbox Infinity yet, we at Mod Hub have included a PS4 Countdown! Yes, this countdown is accurate, and the PS4 will be coming out sometime in October. Can't wait!